Smart glasses with digital tutorials save up to 50% of assembler’s time


The client

Siemens, s.r.o., branch Industrial Turbomachinery in Brno manufactures standard and custom industrial steam turbines, which operate on all the inhabited continents of the world.
Siemens challenge

The challenge

Mechanics assembling industrial steam turbines cannot do the job without using technical documentation because the components are highly complex. Workers are often rotated between different areas within the factory, which makes continuity challenging; newly hired assemblers are trained by mentors, which increases production costs; and mechanics need to have their hands free, which means they cannot use touch screens, tablets or similar devices.
Siemens solution

The solution

We prepared a pilot of AIRe Lens smart glasses and accompanying software for Siemens. The high resolution, lightweight and comfortable glasses can be worn together with dioptric ones and their use complies with safety regulations. Simplified digital tutorials are projected on the heads-up display and controlled by forward and backward push buttons – first, an assembler picks the necessary parts according to the instructions, then they are guided step-by-step through the assembly process.

The outcome

The results of our pilot project significantly exceeded expectations. While it usually takes about six hours to assemble a servo drive by an experienced mechanic, a trained newbie with AIRe Lens smart glasses completed it in just three hours. The length of time that mentors need to work with new employees has also been greatly reduced. In addition, error rates have come down because digital animation guides are much clearer and more illustrative than complicated technical documents.

“The smart glasses have a very rapid return of investment, mainly due to saving assemblers time.”

Martin Barak, Head of Technology, Siemens, s.r.o., branch Industrial Turbomachinery