The smart answer

As you move towards more digitised operations, you still need to get relevant information in front of employees. With so much technical documentation to absorb and fewer paper-based diagrams to guide them, manual workers need a new way to complete complex tasks without losing time, money and quality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the smart answer, but only if it delivers real benefits in your environment.



Accessible. Transformational. Exciting.

Ready for today – and tomorrow

They might seem futuristic, but AIRe Lens glasses offer multiple benefits today. Their high acceptance rates in the factory environment of up to 90% is due to the simple, practical and lightweight design.

Improves efficiency

AIRe Lens glasses help to shorten assembly processes by 42% and reduce mentoring time by 89% because information is delivered to your workers exactly when it’s needed, in real-time.

Keeps information flowing

With AIRe Lens glasses, information keeps flowing without risk, delay or limitation. Amongst other benefits, the resulting effect is a reassuring reduction in human error by 50%.

No visual limitations

High resolution and best-in-class optics provide a wider field of view and high-quality visualised data. With around 80% brightness, you get excellent visibility – even in dark areas.


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Designed for your environment

AIRe Lens offers out-of-the-box applications for easy integration into production lines and core systems. The glasses have a user-friendly interface and the optical element can be easily adjusted.

Work comfortably all day

AIRe Lens is designed to be unobtrusive and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, even with prescription or safety glasses. The seven-hour battery life means that long shifts can be completed without battery disruption.

Increased productivity

A constant flow of information removes the need for paper documents, delivering digital versions through the eye display to accelerate assembly, reduce mentoring time and increase productivity.

Remote assistance

AIRe Lens uses high-resolution camera technology to relay the workers’ view to a remote expert, enabling faster troubleshooting, without the cost and delay of getting the expert on-site.


The glasses deliver electronic manuals, relevant information and step-by-step instruction from your existing systems, exactly when and where it’s needed – for greater flexibility and quality control.

Improves work tracking

AIRe Lens assists with evidence gathering and analysis. Work tracking, statistics collection and advanced data analytics combine to ensure processes are optimised and human errors are reduced.

Grows with your business

The flexibility and adaptability of AIRe Lens means you can start small and increase iteratively, adding more smart glasses when you are ready to amplify the benefits across your business.

Ensures safety and security

AIRe Lens can be used comfortably with protective headgear, goggles and glasses thanks to its simple, practical and lightweight design – so there is never any compromise on safety.


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